Welp, that’s Christmas over with. Two sold out Harry Potter quizzes (at least one team came to both HP quizzes and still didn’t manage to get in the top two. Well done?) and a busy Simpsons one which people didn’t do so well in! To be fair, there are a lot of episodes aren’t there? A LOT. We barely scraped the surface. And the ‘Do The Bartman’ round was met with equal amounts of glee and horror (all you needed to know was the lyrics. It’s not like we made you sing it or anything. Hmm, getting ideas for next time).

We have new quizzes to announce!!!!!!!!!!! Exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 19th is our rescheduled THE OFFICE quiz. It’s the original version. We’ll do America another time.
Feb 9th it’s only the second time we’ve dedicated a quiz to the works of one person and this time it’s CHRIS MORRIS. Basically it’s going to be anything he’s written/co-written so expect the likes of THE DAY TODAY, NATHAN BARLEY, BRASS EYE and more. Yippee!
Mar 9th we’re doing BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER so you lot can shut up and stop asking for it. About a year ago we did Joss Whedon but there were a lot more Buffy questions we wanted to throw in there, so that’s happening now. BUFFY!

Finally, here are those Simpsons pub quiz names ahoy…

FIRST PLACE. The Goggles Do Nothing – 49.5 points
2nd. All For Homer – 43.5
3. You Don’t Win Quizzes With Salad – 41.5
4. A Freakin’ Country Bear Jamberoo – 40
5. Purple Monkey Dickwasher – 39
6. Where’s My Elephant 38
7. Damn Hell As Kings – 37 (put ‘Do The Bartman’ for every answer)
8. Hi, I’m Troy McClure! You May Remember me from such Monarch quiz nights as last week’s Harry Potter and the time the police were called – 35.5
9. The Inanimate Carbon Rods – 34 (FULL POINTS FOR THE DO THE BARTMAN ROUND!)
10. The Joey Jo-Joe Junior Shabadoos – 33.5
11. Guy Incognito – 30.5
12. Steamed Hams – 29
13. Worst. Pub Quiz Team Name… Ever (Comic Book Store Guy Voice) – 29
14. Apu & The Nahasapeemapetitions – 27
15. Mommy, What’s Wrong With That Man’s Face? – 27
16. Black Smithers – 24
17. Man Getting Hit By Football – 20.5 (also put Do The Bartman for every answer)
18. Aww, the Denver Broncos – 13
19. That Wonderful Duff – 8