Tomorrow’s Spaced/Cornetto Trilogy at The Monarch in Camden is now SOLD OUT. Woohoo!
Fans who haven’t made the pilgrimages before might want to take in some of the key locations while they’re in the area. So here is the Geeks Inc Guide to The Most Notable Spaced/Cornetto Spots In Camden Town.
Pay attention. It’s not very long.
When you step out of the tube you’d find it hard to miss a big pub called The World’s End. Now I don’t think this needs explaining and if you think it does, you are probably not going to do too well during The World’s End part of the quiz. *tuts*
Walk a few seconds round the right-hand corner of the pub up Greenland Rd and you’ll find Greenland Place, the setting is of the slow-mo shoot-out between Tim & Daisy and the yobs from Spaced. Knock yourselves out.
But where did Tim & Daisy go before all this hoo-hah? They had a night out in the Barfly (or The Monarch, as it was confusingly called in the ’90s and the turn of the noughties – you’ll see it mentioned on a club night poster behind their heads), conveniently situated within spitting distance of your quizzing venue. The booths where they got drunk is right there on the right when you walk in. You’re unlikely to find Coldplay, Muse or Elbow playing there too often these days though.
By now you’ll be hungry and will want to be settling down to mark your territory in The Monarch (the new Monarch, not the Spaced Monarch), so we’ll see you there and GOOD LUCK, quizzing friends.