May 4th Dingwalls Poster

BOOM! We’re back.

May The Fourth has snuck up again and we’ve been asked to host a Star Wars quiz at Dingwalls/Lock 17 in Camden as part of an all day event featuring a movie marathon (WHICH movies though? Who knows?! Hopefully it’ll be ‘Police Academy 7’!) food & drinks offers, specialised cocktails (to help you get over the night before), fancy dress competitions and face painting. Hooray for bank holidays.

The date: May 4th (herp derp)
The venue: Lock 17, 11 East Yard, Camden Lock Place, NW1 8AL

The event starts at 11am and the quiz will kick off around 6pm. Also, it’s family friendly, so bring your kids (they know more than you do).

You can book a table through us as normal.