If ‘cult comedy’ had a definition in some kind of weird dictionary, it would say ‘Arrested Development’ next to it (probably). It seemed obvious in our feeble brains that the show should get the quiz it deserves (I know we’re all totally swamped in Arrested Development pub quizzes, aren’t we? Can’t move for the things. Just go into the pub for a quiet pint of Fashionable Craft Beer and BAM! Arrested Development pub quiz right in your face. “GO AWAY, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT PUB QUIZ,” you scream, “I AM SICK OF YOU AND I NEVER EVEN WATCHED THE SHOW IN THE FIRST PLACE, WHICH IS WHY IT GOT CANCELLED.” But no, there it is, being all Arrested and Developmenty).
We’re doing a pub quiz about it. Six rounds of questions covering all four (yes, FOUR) seasons. And probably some usage of ‘The Final Countdown’.

What: A pub quiz about the cult American sitcom Arrested Development
When: May 12th
Where: The Monarch, 40-42 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8BG
Entry fee: £2
Team sizes: 6 max
Bookings email: bookings@geeksinc.co.uk
Prizes: Money & shots

Here’s the Facebook event for those of you who like that sort of thing.

Arrested Development pub quiz