Geeks Inc Arrested Development 'art'Phew, that was another big one. A massive 24 teams took place in our inaugural Arrested Development pub quiz with six rounds covering all four seasons. We had a ‘dead dove’ in the fridge and anyone paying attention to the till might’ve seen ‘Mr Manager’ pop-up on the screen. I think if we do this again (we will) we’ll get various frozen products involved and unlimited juice.
Oh, and of course at the end of the evening there was some chicken dancing. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Here are the results. Points out of a total of 74.

1. There’s No ‘I’ In Teamocil But There Is A ‘U’ In ‘C-Word’ – 62 points [winning some money to go see a Star War]
2=. What Would Saddam Do? – 57 [winning the tie-breaker to claim ultimate 2nd place]
2=. Cuntry Music Loving People – 57
3. Four British Guys Only – 54.5
4. Gobias Industries – 52.5
5=. I’m A Registered Sex Offender – 52 [responsible for the attached ‘art’]
5=. Does This Team Effectively Hide My Thunder? – 52
5=. TBA – 52
6=. I Just Maced A Crane – 46.5
6=. Has Anyone In This Pub Ever SEEN A Chicken? – 46.5
6=. Like The Team In The $3000 Dollar Suit Is Going To Give The Quizmasters A Team Name. COME ON! – 46.5
7=. Dr F√ľnke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution – 46
7=. Mrs Featherbottom’s Bangers (In The Mouth) – 46
8. Team-O’-Searle – 45
9. Blow GOB My Cornballs – 44.5
10=. Friends Love Quiz – 44
10=. Motherboys – 44
11. The Magoneggs – 42.5
12. The Mayoneggs [at the back] – 42
13. I May Not Be George Michael But I Can Make Your Banana Stand – 40
14=. The Seaward – 37
14=. Yeah Sure The Captain Of The Quiz Team Is Going To Come Up With A Name. COME ON! – 37
15. Mr F. – 34
16. Bob Loblaw’s Law Bomb – 32

So uh yeah, we asked each team to nominate a member to come up and do the chicken dance. Then this happened.

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Geeks Inc Arrested Development pub quiz