NEW VENUE ALERT! Caring Geeks sometimes acknowledge that some people live outside zone 2 so for this one we’re bringing one of the big-hitters to The Griffin in Whetsone, N20, which is one whole zone further than we’ve travelled in London before, like the brave adventurers we are – yes, zone 4, people.

This will be an updated version of our last Game Of Thrones quiz possibly featuring questions such as “who is the best character?” (answer: The Hound – you can have that one for free) and should hopefully keep you going during these dark months between now and season 5 (or whenever GRRM finishes the next bloody book).

Six rounds of questions and stuff! Cash and booze prizes!

DATE: Sep 18th
START TIME: 7.30pm
TEAM LIMIT: 6 people max
PARTICIPATION TAX: £2 per person

The Griffin,
1262 High Road,
N20 9HH

Game Of Thrones pub quiz